Her Binder Project

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her binder project free devotional calendarsHer Binder Project is a do-it-yourself devotional, journaling and planning experience for Christian women. All you need is a 3-ring binder and a printer to get started — for free! Her Binder Project is apart of a greater project called The Center, created by Patrick and Morgan Nichols.
Download Devotional Calendars:
Once a month, we release a free calendar with a scripture based theme that also includes corresponding scriptures and daily challenges for every day of the week. There are also “weekly guides” that come along with the calendar. These daily devotionals are free to read, download, and print throughout the month. You can also use them for your small group, friend group, or church group! Click here to browse the devotional calendars.
Download Devotional Journals:
If you like to journal or have the desire to, you’re going to love our devotional journal sheets! These individual sheets are designed to give you daily prompts to journal your thoughts about your day, your plans, and your daily bible study and devotions. Click here to browse the devotional journals.
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The Story:
Hi There! My name is Morgan Harper Nichols and I started Her Binder Project in 2014 as a way to challenge myself to dig deeper into God’s Word and put my faith into action on a daily basis. I made a calendar one month that included weekly themes, daily bible verses, and daily challenges. Even though I originally just started writing and designing these for myself, I felt the Lord leading me to share it with others. I put it up on Pinterest and I was blown away by the response. Today, thousands of women are joining this project and I am so grateful for each of you!