Day 5 of 30: She Was Made With A Purpose

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Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. – Psalm 139:23 (NIV)

Even though you don’t know everything there is know about God, He knows everything there is to know about you. He knows about the things you think about when you’re going to work in the morning or when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. He knows the desires of your heart and the things you’re passionate about. He even knows the things about you and your future that you don’t know about! So allow Him to search you. Spend time everyday asking Him to come into you heart and fill those gaps in your life.  As a woman who follows Christ, never let the busyness of your life or the uncertainty in your mind cause you to forget about how intimately God wants to enter your heart everyday!  There are sometimes days (maybe even weeks, months, or entire seasons) of our lives when it seems like God either isn’t there, or He’s just really far away, doing more important things. But that’s not the case. Through Jesus He shows us that we ARE important to Him. He DOES want a relationship with us, and He DOES want to change our lives from the inside out.Today, don’t let yourself get so caught up in everything that’s going on outwardly that you forget about what God wants to do in your life inwardly. Even when it comes to Trying to prepare yourself for the holidays emotionally, and thinking about all that you want to accomplish, or dealing with frustrations from not being able to accomplish your goals by the end of the year. Whatever it is, God is NOT far away from you. Let Him reign in your heart. Let Him carry you. He has more planned. Things that you don’t even know about. Keep trusting Him and let Him lead you!

Biblical Context + Further Reading: Psalm 139

DAILY CHALLENGE: Write our your prayer requests when it comes to what’s on your heart. Write this verse above it.