Day 15 of 30: She Was Made With A Purpose


Then Job replied to the Lord:
“I know that you can do all things;
no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” – Job 42:1-2 (NIV)

Job was a wealthy man who was stripped of everything he had, including his family. But even in the face of great affliction, he still had to learn how to trust and depend on the Lord and in this verse, we see that even in his difficult times, he knew that nothing could change God’s plan. He learned to trust God even when his situation seemed unrepairable.

When you’re going through difficult times, it can be difficult to hold onto the truth that God is not out to harm you. When you’re trying to do the right thing and make the best decisions and bad things still continue to happen, it can start to feel like you’ve been abandoned or forgotten. But just know this: God has NOT abandoned you, no matter how difficult things get. He is with you even in the moments where the bank account isn’t where it should be or when your health isn’t where it needs to be. You can trust that God can do ALL things, even when the odds are stacked up against you.

This is important to remember because difficult times often happen unexpectedly. Even if there were hints or patterns that eventually led to disaster, there is no way to predict what happens in your life or how it will affect you. We wake up each day never knowing what we’re going to face. Perhaps if you could think back to the morning before you received bad news from a family member or the hours leading up to a car accident you were involved in, you will find that there was no possible way you could have foreseen what was ahead.

But knowing this, we can’t live in fear because we don’t know what difficult times might lie ahead. Instead, we must continue to trust that no matter what happens later in the day, the week, or the year, we can rely completely on God, knowing that He can do all things and His purpose for us is not ruined just because the day/week/year seems to be ruined. Through Jesus Christ, He has already pulled us out of the ruins and out of the disaster and into marvelous light. This is where we find our purpose. Even in difficult times.

Biblical Context + Further Reading: Job 42:1-6

DAILY CHALLENGE: Memorize this verse